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Dear Hanco & Jeroen

Not that I checked with everyone, but I think I speak on behalf of the entire Captionian Christmas group and can say that you have organized an unforgettable Christmas 2022.

A fairytale location, fine dining, braais and wake-up and cool down swimmings in the garden pool.

Some of us have climbed Lionshead (some have got stuck just below the top), some have climbed Table Mountain (everyone has made it).

How about a men's trip to an open-air cinema for the nice loving and inspiring Christmas movie Die Hard while the ladies could swoon at a special performance of the Nutcracker. And of course, what it was all about, two marvelous Christmas evenings with poems and presents and fantastic bacchanals at a beautifully decorated table.

The next highlight was of course the bus tour to wine tastings and eateries in the Stellenbosch area. Different locations, one at a beautiful historical farmers place and the other very chic accompanied by delicious snacks and many, many delicious wines. Finally, this Tour Of The Cape concluded with cocktails and a dinner, at The Fat Butcher. Absolutely fabulous and delicious!

After all those successive peaks, each one went his own way, went home or went into the Karoo (and luckily came back again). We have experienced South Africa in many facets. The posh Christmas location Constantia, nature in optima forma such as Cape Point, Table Mountain, Stellenbosch and Karoo area and the beautiful Fynbossies everywhere, we met many nice and friendly South African people, we were introduced to load shedding, a unique experience, we saw and felt the South Pole cold sea at many beautiful beaches, we saw Southern Hemisphere stars and ate dream cookies… yes indeed, we had a dream vacation.


But also we both, we have to go home. To the leaden gray canals of rainy Amsterdam, back to everyday things as usual. We, Mieke and Hans, we are the last leaving the Captionian Christmas group and we turn off the lights. We fly at freezing cold altitude above wonderful Africa with warm memories back to reality.


Thanks again for all your anticipation, organization and commitment, it was unforgettable!

Everyone, whatever you're going to do, or what's ahead in the coming year, good luck, much love and see you soon.

Hans & Mieke

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